Our Local Impact

Solarizing affordable housing both eases energy burdens on low-income residents and mitigates the effects of climate change, which disproportionately impacts marginalized communities. By supporting SolarEquity, you can help decrease energy costs and be a part of the energy transition that is necessary to battle the climate crisis. 

Our partnership with Orange County’s Habitat for Humanity has allowed us to solarize an entire development on Odie Street. The typical 5.4 KW solar installation saves the homeowner $65/month in Orange County (>$750/year). This translates to savings of at least $23,000 and up to $32,000 depending on the expected increase in cost of electricity over the 30-year lifetime of the panels. The typical solar payback period in the U.S. is 5-15 years depending on the local cost of electricity and installation and available incentives. 

Funds donated to SolarEquity will be used for both or either the acquisition of solar equipment (panels, inverters, conduit, racking) and/or installation costs. Solar systems funded through SolarEquity provide clean electricity that would have otherwise been generated by dirty coal or natural gas. Funding just one 5.4kW system has the potential to save over 300,000 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere.

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