On Campus

Student Member Experience

As a student-run organization, involving our campus community is essential in the execution of our mission. We hold weekly meetings where student members gather in committees (Solar Equipment, Finance & Fundraising, Marketing, and Networking) led by the Executive Team Directors to execute our solar projects. We strive to consistently create a hands-on experience where students actively participate in SolarEquity projects and organizational operations.

Speaker Series Program

SolarEquity strives to provide educational opportunities for our fellow Carolina students. Twice a month, we host our campus-wide Speaker Series, where an expert in renewable energy or affordable housing comes and speaks to students to raise awareness of the importance of equity and sustainability in the renewable energy space. Our Speaker Series has been an incredible opportunity to educate, involve, and empower students hoping to pursue careers in sustainability or renewable energy.

Hands-On Work

As an organization, SolarEquity strives to foster a commitment to service. Every month, we give SolarEquity members the opportunity to participate in Habitat for Humanity builds where they get to be a part of building a home that will eventually be solarized thanks to SolarEquity’s efforts. These builds offer great team bonding opportunities for our members, while also allowing them to see the realization of our solarization efforts firsthand.

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